Rearranging Nested Lists

You will encounter nested lists if you use matrices or generate multidimensional arrays and tables. The Wolfram Language provides many functions for handling such lists.

Flatten[list]flatten out all levels in list
Flatten[list,n]flatten out the top n levels in list
Partition[list,{n1,n2,}]partition into blocks of size n1×n2×
Transpose[list]interchange the top two levels of lists
RotateLeft[list,{n1,n2,}]rotate successive levels by ni places
PadLeft[list,{n1,n2,}]pad successive levels to be length ni

A few functions for rearranging nested lists.

This "flattens out" sublists. You can think of it as effectively just removing all inner braces:
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This flattens out only one level of sublists:
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There are many other operations you can perform on nested lists. More operations are discussed in "Manipulating Lists".