generates a plot showing the community structure of the graph g.


generates a plot for the graph g with communities {vi1,vi2,}, .


generates a plot with highlighting features defined by the symbol wrappers wj.


generates a plot for a graph in which vertex vik is connected to vertex vjk.


generates a plot for a graph represented by the adjacency matrix m.

Details and Options

  • CommunityGraphPlot attempts to draw the vertices grouped into communities.
  • The following wrappers wi can be used for communities:
  • Annotation[a,label]provide an annotation
    Button[a,action]define an action to execute when the element is clicked
    EventHandler[a,]define a general event handler for the element
    Hyperlink[a,uri]make the element act as a hyperlink
    Labeled[a,]display the element with labeling
    PopupWindow[a,cont]attach a popup window to the element
    Property[a,name->value]set a property for the element
    StatusArea[a,label]display in the status area when moused over
    Style[a,opts]show the element using the specified styles
    Tooltip[a,label]attach an arbitrary tooltip to the element
  • CommunityGraphPlot has the same options as Graph, with the following additions and changes:
  • CommunityRegionStyleAutomaticstyle of community region
    CommunityBoundaryStyleAutomaticstyle of community boundary
    CommunityLabelsNonelabels for communities
    MethodAutomaticmethods to use
    PlotLegendsNonelegend for communities
  • Possible settings for PlotTheme include common base themes:
  • "Business"a bright, modern look appropriate for business presentations or infographics
    "Detailed"identify data by employing labels and tooltips
    "Marketing"elegant, eye-catching design suitable for marketing needs
    "Minimal"simple graph
    "Monochrome"single-color design
    "Scientific"candid design useful for analyzing detailed data with labels and tooltips
    "Web"clean, bold design suitable for a consumer website or blog
    "Classic"historical design of graph to remain compatible with existing uses


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Basic Examples  (2)

Show communities in a graph:

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Find communities:

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Show the communities:

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Introduced in 2012