New in 8.0: Data Manipulation

Building on Mathematica's extensive data manipulation capabilities, Mathematica 8 adds a wide range of new import and export features, advanced image processing algorithms, and built-in wavelet representation and manipulation functions.

New Import & Export Formats

"Affymetrix" Affymetrix microarray formats (.cel, .cdf, .chp, .gin, .psi)

"ArcGRID" ESRI GIS format

"BDF" BDF physiological signal recordings format (.bdf)

"C" C code generation (.c)

"DIMACS" DIMACS graph data format (.col, .col.b)

"DOT" DOT graph data format (.gv, .dot)

"GPX" GPX global positioning format (.gpx)

"GRIB" GRIB meteorology format (.grb, .grib)

"Graphlet" GML graph data (.gml)

"GraphML" GraphML graph format (.graphml)

"GXL" GXL graph data (.gxl)

"EPS" import EPS (.eps)

"ICS" ICS calendar data format (.ics, .ical, .ifb)

"JSON" JSON web service format (.json)

"KML" Google Earth GIS format (.kml, .kmz)

"LEDA" LEDA graph format (.gw, .lgr)

"NDK" NDK seismographic data format (.ndk)

"NEXUS" NEXUS phylogenetic format (.nex, .nxs)

"Pajek" Pajek graph data (.net)

"QuickTime" Apple QuickTime codecs (.mov)

"SurferGrid" geospatial data format (.grd)

"TGF" graph format (.tgf)

"TLE" TLE satellite data format (.tle, .tce)

"VCS" VCS calendar data format (.vcs)

"VideoFrames" sequence of raster images

"VTK" Visualization Toolkit 3D format (.vtk)

"XLSX" Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet format (.xlsx)

Updated Import & Export Formats

"BMP" support for additional data types

"FLAC" import and export meta-information

"JPEG" added support for CMYK color space

"HTML" new elements for importing images

"MAT" import of data tags

"MTX" performance enhancements

"OBJ" added support for color

"OFF" import and export of opacity information

"PDB" added advanced import elements

"PDF" import password-protected PDF files

"STL" overall performance improvements

"TIFF" overall performance improvements

"XLS" import embedded images and hyperlinks

New in Date & Time »

DateList (modified) quicker date format conversion

DateString (modified) quicker conversion of date input to a string

New in Image Processing & Analysis »

ImageCapture captures an image from your computer's primary camera device

ImageAspectRatio  ▪  ImageColorSpace  ▪  ImageDifference  ▪  ...

Inpaint  ▪  MeanShift  ▪  ImageTransformation  ▪  ...

RandomImage generate a random image from a distribution

EdgeDetect  ▪  ImageCorrespondingPoints  ▪  ImageKeypoints  ▪  ...

MinDetect  ▪  MaxDetect  ▪  Radon  ▪  ...

Masking specify the image or graphics description of the region to which filters will be applied

BilateralFilter  ▪  ImageDeconvolve  ▪  KuwaharaFilter  ▪  ListDeconvolve  ▪  ...

MeanShiftFilter  ▪  RangeFilter  ▪  TotalVariationFilter  ▪  WienerFilter  ▪  ...

ComponentMeasurements  ▪  MorphologicalBinarize  ▪  ClusteringComponents  ▪  ...

DeleteSmallComponents  ▪  DeleteBorderComponents  ▪  WatershedComponents  ▪  ...

Colorize color every component differently

Pruning  ▪  Thinning  ▪  FillingTransform  ▪  ...

InverseDistanceTransform  ▪  SkeletonTransform  ▪  ...

New in Wavelet Analysis »

DiscreteWaveletTransform discrete wavelet transform (DWT)

ContinuousWaveletTransform continuous wavelet transform (CWT)

LiftingWaveletTransform  ▪  DiscreteWaveletPacketTransform  ▪  ...

WaveletPhi scaling function

HaarWavelet  ▪  DaubechiesWavelet  ▪  CoifletWavelet  ▪  ...

MexicanHatWavelet  ▪  GaborWavelet  ▪  MorletWavelet  ▪  ...

WaveletThreshold threshold filtering of wavelet coefficients

WaveletBestBasis  ▪  DiscreteWaveletData  ▪  ContinuousWaveletData  ▪  ...

WaveletScalogram plot 1D scalogram

WaveletListPlot  ▪  WaveletMatrixPlot  ▪  WaveletImagePlot  ▪  ...