Cloud Functions & Deployment

The Wolfram Language is deeply integrated with the cloud, providing seamless persistent storage of code and data, cloud computation, and instant external deployment through active documents, APIs, forms, apps, etc.

CloudObject a handle to an expression or other content in the cloud

Reading and Writing Cloud Objects

CloudGet get an expression from the cloud

CloudPut put an expression into the cloud, creating a new cloud object if necessary

CloudSave save definitions associated with a symbol to the cloud

Get  ▪  Put  ▪  PutAppend  ▪  Save  ▪  CloudImport  ▪  CloudExport

Structured Data in the Cloud »

CloudExpression an expression whose parts can be manipulated directly in the cloud

CloudSymbol a symbol whose value is stored in the cloud

Cloud Evaluation

CloudEvaluate evaluate an expression in the cloud

CloudFunction a pure function to be evaluated in the cloud

CloudSubmit submit an expression for asynchronous evaluation in the cloud

Cloud Deployment

CloudDeploy deploy code or content to be accessed externally in the cloud

CloudPublish publish code or content for public access in the cloud

APIFunction symbolic representation of an API to be deployed

FormFunction symbolic representation of a form to be deployed

FormPage representation of a form and result on the same page

AskFunction deployable program that asks questions during execution

ExternalBundle representation of a directory of objects

URLDispatcher explicitly define how particular relative URLs should be handled

Deployment Features

ExportForm export an expression in a particular form

Delayed reevaluate an expression whenever it is accessed in the cloud

AutoRefreshed set an expression to be automatically reevaluated on a schedule

ScheduledTask  ▪  ContinuousTask  ▪  MailReceiverFunction  ▪  ChannelReceiverFunction

Creating Embeddable Content

EmbedCode HTML etc. code for external embedding of cloud content

Detailed Control of Web Behavior »

ResponseForm  ▪  HTTPResponse  ▪  HTTPRedirect  ▪  HTTPErrorResponse

URLExecute execute an API or contents of a cloud object

URLRead  ▪  URLSubmit  ▪  HTTPRequest  ▪  $Cookies

Cloud Execution Metadata »

$GeoLocation  ▪  $GeoLocationCountry  ▪  $UserAgentString  ▪  $RequesterAddress  ▪  HTTPRequestData  ▪  ...

Cloud Object Locations & Naming »

$CloudBase what cloud to use by default

CloudBase  ▪  $CloudObjectNameFormat  ▪  $CloudObjectURLType  ▪  ...

Managing Content in the Cloud »

Permissions detailed permissions for access and execution of cloud objects

$Permissions  ▪  CloudLoggingData  ▪  CloudAccountData  ▪  $CloudCreditsAvailable

RenameFile  ▪  CloudDirectory  ▪  $CloudRootDirectory  ▪  ...

CloudObjects find cloud objects matching given criteria


CreateUUID  ▪  URLShorten  ▪  FileFormat

Cloud Notebooks

EmbeddedHTML raw HTML to be embedded in a cloud notebook

EmbeddedService external web service embedded in a cloud notebook

Desktop & Other Access

CloudConnect connect to the cloud from a desktop or other computer system

CloudDisconnect  ▪  $CloudConnected  ▪  CloudDirectory  ▪  ...

CopyFile copy between cloud objects and local files

Cloud Operation Debugging

GenerateHTTPResponse generate an actual HTTP response from APIFunction etc.

EvaluationData give details associated with the evaluation of an expression