New in 8.0: Visualization & Graphics

Mathematica 8 adds a number of new areas for visualization, including statistical, financial, wavelet, and control-related visualizations. These areas all provide a high level of automation for both algorithms and aesthetics. Mathematica 8 also brings a number of improvements to all the existing areas, including textures and filled curves, for a richer graphics language as well as a brand-new interactive graphics editor.

New in Statistical Visualization »

SmoothHistogram smooth density estimate

SmoothHistogram3D  ▪  DensityHistogram  ▪  SmoothDensityHistogram  ▪  PairedHistogram  ▪  ...

ProbabilityScalePlot normal plot, Weibull plot, etc.

QuantilePlot  ▪  ProbabilityPlot  ▪  ...

BoxWhiskerChart  ▪  DistributionChart  ▪  ...

New in Financial Visualization »

CandlestickChart candlestick and OHLC chart of open-high-low-close prices

InteractiveTradingChart interactive trading chart

TradingChart  ▪  FinancialIndicator  ▪  ...

KagiChart  ▪  RenkoChart  ▪  PointFigureChart  ▪  ...

New Built-in Wavelet Visualization »

WaveletListPlot plot wavelet transform coefficients

WaveletMatrixPlot  ▪  WaveletImagePlot  ▪  WaveletScalogram  ▪  ...

New Built-in Control System Visualization »

RootLocusPlot plot root locations as a parameter varies

BodePlot  ▪  NyquistPlot  ▪  NicholsPlot  ▪  SingularValuePlot

New and Improved Information Visualization »

PairedBarChart create paired bar charts

ScalingFunctions specify which scaling functions should be used when charting

BarChart  ▪  BarChart3D  ▪  BubbleChart  ▪  BubbleChart3D  ▪  Histogram  ▪  Histogram3D  ▪  CandlestickChart  ▪  ...

New and Improved Scientific Visualization

DiscretePlot (modified) plot a discrete function of one variable

DiscretePlot3D plot a discrete function of two variables

TextureCoordinateFunction specify texture mapping for visualization functions

Plot3D  ▪  ParametricPlot3D  ▪  ListPlot3D  ▪  RegionPlot  ▪  RegionPlot3D  ▪  ContourPlot3D  ▪  ListContourPlot3D  ▪  ...

Improved Interactive Graphics Editing

Graphics Drawing Tools (modified) draw and edit graphics interactively

New and Improved Symbolic Graphics »

Texture specify texture faces of polygons or other filled graphics objects

FilledCurve filled area with segment boundary in 2D

JoinedCurve joined curve segments in 2D

Translate (modified) represent multiple copies of graphics primitives

Arrow (modified) efficiently represent multiple copies of arrows

VertexTextureCoordinates  ▪  CurveClosed  ▪  ...

New in Spoken Output

Speak (modified) speak any expression, including math and diagrams

SpokenString (modified) spoken representation of an expression