Insetting Objects in Graphics

"Redrawing and Combining Plots" describes how you can make regular arrays of plots using GraphicsGrid. Using the Inset graphics primitive, however, you can combine and superimpose plots in any way.

Inset[obj, pos]specifies that the inset should be placed at position pos in the graphic
Inset[obj,pos, opos, size]render an object with a given so that point opos in obj is positioned at point pos in the containing graphic
Inset[obj,pos, opos, size, dirs]specifies that the axes of the inset should be oriented in directions dirs

Creating an inset.

Here is a plot:
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This creates a plot within a parametric plot:
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Here is a threedimensional plot:
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This creates a twodimensional graphics object that contains two differently sized copies of the threedimensional plot:
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Here are rotated and skewed plots inset in a graphic:
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The Wolfram Language can render plots, arbitrary 2D or 3D graphics, cells, and text within an Inset. Notice that in general the display area for graphics objects will be sized so as to touch at least one pair of edges of the Inset.