Requesting Input

The Wolfram Language usually works by taking whatever input you give, and then processing it. Sometimes, however, you may want to have a program you write explicitly request more input. You can do this using Input and InputString.

Input[]read an expression as input
InputString[]read a string as input
Input["prompt"]issue a prompt, then read an expression
InputString["prompt"]issue a prompt, then read a string

Interactive input.

Exactly how Input and InputString work depends on the computer system and the Wolfram Language interface you are using. With a textbased interface, they typically just wait for standard input, terminated with a newline. With a notebook interface, however, they typically get the front end to put up a "dialog box", in which the user can enter input.

In general, Input is intended for reading complete Wolfram Language expressions. InputString, on the other hand, is for reading arbitrary strings.