Summary of New Features in 11.1

A list of key new features since 11.0, including features experimental in 11.1.

Machine Learning

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FeatureSpacePlot display objects laid out in feature space

FeatureNearest find objects nearest in feature space

Learning from Sequences

SequencePredict predict subsequent elements from sequence examples

SequencePredictorFunction symbolic representation of a sequence predictor

Learning from Actions

ActiveClassification learn a classifier by actively probing a system

ActivePrediction learn a predictor by actively probing a system

ActiveClassificationObject  ▪  ActivePredictionObject

Neural Networks

NetModel complete pre-trained net models

Neural Net Layers

LinearLayer  ▪  ThreadingLayer  ▪  AggregationLayer  ▪  DotLayer  ▪  PaddingLayer  ▪  PartLayer  ▪  ReplicateLayer  ▪  ResizeLayer  ▪  TransposeLayer

ContrastiveLossLayer  ▪  SpatialTransformationLayer  ▪  ImageAugmentationLayer  ▪  LocalResponseNormalizationLayer

Recurrent & Sequence-Handling Layers

BasicRecurrentLayer  ▪  GatedRecurrentLayer  ▪  LongShortTermMemoryLayer

SequenceLastLayer  ▪  SequenceMostLayer  ▪  SequenceRestLayer  ▪  SequenceReverseLayer  ▪  UnitVectorLayer

Network Construction Operations

NetMapOperator define a network that maps over a sequence

NetFoldOperator define a recurrent network that folds in elements of a sequence

NetNestOperator  ▪  NetPairEmbeddingOperator

NetReplacePart  ▪  NetPortGradient

Managing Data & Training

TrainingProgressCheckpointing  ▪  TrainingProgressFunction  ▪  TrainingProgressReporting  ▪  LearningRateMultipliers  ▪  NetEvaluationMode

Audio Processing & Analysis

Audio Acquisition

AudioCapture record an audio signal from a connected input device

$AudioInputDevices  ▪  $DefaultAudioInputDevice  ▪  AudioInputDevice

Audio Processing »

AudioReplace replace an audio interval with a new audio signal

AudioInsert insert an audio signal into an existing one

AudioSpectralMap apply a filter to the short-time Fourier transform of an audio signal

AudioSpectralTransformation perform a time-frequency transformation

Audio Properties »

AudioLoudness compute standard loudness measures

AudioNormalize (updated) normalization based on EBU loudness measures

Cepstral Analysis

Cepstrogram plot the cepstrogram of a signal or an audio object

CepstrumArray  ▪  CepstrogramArray

Image & Signal Processing

CurrentImage (updated) significant increases in speed and robustness

Image, Image3D (updated) comprehensive support for arithmetic and statistical operations

Computer Vision »

TextRecognize (updated) level specification, property extraction, region-of-interest, etc.

ImageGraphics convert bitmap images to symbolic vector graphics

Feature Extraction »

ImageKeypoints, FindGeometricTransform, ... (updated) new keypoint types and methods

Computational Photography »

ImageEffect (updated) added new effects

ImageExposureCombine (updated) extended to handle HDR images

Computational Microscopy

BrightnessEqualize estimate and equalize uneven image illumination

Image3DProjection compute a projection of a 3D image onto a plane

Geometric Computation

Region representation and automatic visualization of regions

Region Properties »

Perimeter compute the arc length of the boundary of 2D solids

RegionEqual test whether two regions are equal

RegionWithin test whether a region is within another region

RegionDisjoint test whether two regions are disjoint

Fractal Regions

SierpinskiMesh  ▪  MengerMesh  ▪  CantorMesh

Space-Filling Curves

HilbertCurve  ▪  PeanoCurve  ▪  SierpinskiCurve  ▪  KochCurve

Mesh-Based Regions

DiscretizeRegion (updated) improved discretization of parametric regions

PlotTheme (updated) new "Showcase" and "Illustration" themes for mesh-based regions

MeshRegion, BoundaryMeshRegion (updated) attached cells with direct actions

3D Coordinate Geometry

AnglePath3D path formed by a sequence of translations and 3D rotations

SpherePoints give points approximating uniform distribution on a sphere

Probability & Statistics

Descriptive Statistics »

Median (updated) numerous performance enhancements and distribution support

Quantile  ▪  Quartiles  ▪  MedianDeviation  ▪  TrimmedMean  ▪  Variance  ▪  ...

Spatial Descriptive Statistics

SpatialMedian a robust spatial location measure

CentralFeature the most central of a list of elements

Robust Descriptive Statistics »

WinsorizedMean robust location statistics

TrimmedMean  ▪  BiweightLocation

TrimmedVariance robust dispersion statistics

WinsorizedVariance  ▪  BiweightMidvariance  ▪  QnDispersion  ▪  SnDispersion

Matrix Distributions »

WishartMatrixDistribution (updated) estimating distribution, PDF and other properties

GaussianOrthogonalMatrixDistribution  ▪  MatrixNormalDistribution  ▪  MatrixTDistribution  ▪  ...


HjorthDistribution distribution used to model bathtub hazards in reliability

Hypothesis Tests »

LeveneTest (updated) tests generalized to compare different datasets

BrownForsytheTest  ▪  ConoverTest  ▪  ...

Mathematical Computation


D (updated) symbolic-order derivatives, indexed formal differentiation, etc.

HankelTransform, InverseHankelTransform Hankel integral transform

Sum (updated) improved coverage with many additional sums

Real-Number Functions

RealAbs real argument abs, which can be differentiated

RealSign real argument sign, which can be differentiated

Number Theory »

ModularInverse compute inverses in modular arithmetic

PrimitivePolynomialQ test whether a univariate polynomial is primitive

General Algorithms & Computation

Sorting & Ordering »

ReverseSort sort in reverse order

NumericalSort sort according to numerical value

NumericalOrder ordering function for numerical values

Sort (updated) support for extended ordering specifications

Computational Systems

CellularAutomaton (updated) new forms of rule specification

RulePlot (updated) new formats and rule types

Date & Time

DateObject (updated) extended description of discrete calendar granularities

DateOverlapsQ test whether two calendar dates overlap

DateWithinQ test whether a calendar date is within another date

CurrentDate  ▪  NextDate  ▪  PreviousDate

FromAbsoluteTime conversion from absolute time

Data & Knowledgebase

Geographic Data »

GeoElevationData (updated) improved elevation data, with four more levels of zoom

Engineering & Physics Data »

PsychrometricPropertyData thermodynamic properties of moist air

SpectralLineData properties of atomic levels and transitions

Wolfram Data Repository

ResourceData (updated) access to hundreds of Wolfram Data Repository items

Integrated Services

WebSearch external service for web search

WebImageSearch external service for web image search

TextTranslation external service for text translation between languages


Machine Learning Visualization

FeatureSpacePlot visualize feature vectors for numerical, textual, image etc. data

Geographic Visualization

GeoBubbleChart bubble charts over geographic regions

Labeling Features

BarChart, PieChart, ... (updated) support for Callout

Plot3D, ContourPlot, ... (updated) support for ScalingFunctions

Histogram, Histogram3D, ... (updated) optimized display for discrete data

Persistent Storage

PersistentObject symbolic representation of a persistent object

PersistenceLocation kernel session, local system, cloud, HTTP session, etc.

PersistentObjects  ▪  $PersistenceBase  ▪  $PersistencePath

MergingFunction  ▪  PersistenceTime  ▪  ExpirationDate

Import, Export & Interpretation

"UBJSON" Universal Binary JSON format (.ubj)

"Ini", "PHPIni", "JavaProperties" system configuration files

"GIF", "PNG", ... (updated) speed, quality and scope enhancements

"HDF5" (updated) support for structured and compound data and individual datasets

Spreadsheet-Oriented Data Interpretation

RectangularRepeatingElement  ▪  SquareRepeatingElement

System & External Operations

BinarySerialize, BinaryDeserialize efficient binary expression storage

EncryptFile  ▪  DecryptFile

URLResponseTime find the time to start reading a URL

Cloud Functions & Deployment

Cloud Sharing

AutoCopy always make a fresh copy of a cloud notebook or object

Enhanced API Specifications

AllowedCloudExtraParameters extra parameters allowed for API calls

AllowedCloudParameterExtensions extensions to allow for parameters

User Metadata

$CloudUserID cloud user ID of the current user

$CloudUserUUID cloud UUID of the current user